Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors 

Screwtech Screw Conveyor Systems

The Screwtech range of screw conveyors are proven and a reliable method to convey bulk, irregular or difficult conveyed product, varied flow rates and consistency makes Screwtech equipment ultra reliable in even the most demanding applications.

The Screwtech family of screw conveying equipment incorporate a range of standard components to form a single stand-alone conveyor or a complete conveyor system enabling single source supply and responsibility of all system components.

Our expertise acquired over the years has enabled Concept Solutions to apply this knowledge to many screw conveying processes which results in the best selection for an application, superior quality and competitively priced screw conveyors or conveyor systems.

Screwtech Equipment

Below are just some of the products available in this range
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- Shaftless and Shafted Screw Conveyors

As the name suggests a Shaftless Screw Conveyor is without a core and driven directly to the helix rather than via a central shaft. The helix is far heavier and manufactured of a higher tensile strength material compared to shafted screws. In addition to Shaftless Screws, Concept Solutions also design and manufacture standard shafted screw conveyors for general purpose applications. Where products aren’t considered as difficult to convey, shafted screws are often used.

Screwtech Isogrit Classifier  - Grit classifiers

The ISOGrit functions as a stand alone dewatering unit which separates out truly settleable particles from the influent, further dewatering and discharging the particles via a screw mechanism to disposal. Water and residual organics are re-channelled for further processing.

- Solid separator/compactors

The ISP Screw Press is designed to convey, wash, dewater and compact semi-liquid materials where residue matter is required to be removed.

Screwtech Live Bottom Feeders

Live bottom bins or hoppers are used for the storage and metered feeding of product to downstream equipment. ScrewTech Live bottom feeders are ideal for handling difficult products which are prone to bridging or binding such as granular wood chip and waste sludge or screenings. ScrewTech LBF’s can be manufactured in either Mild or Stainless Steels and in Shaftless or Shafted screw options to suit the specific application and environment.

The SLB Bin is fully enclosed with a hinged sealed tail gate for emptying by way of the hook-lift truck. This ensures zero spillage and full odour containment during operation and transport.

Screwtech Slidegate/Diverters/Launders

The ScrewTech range of Slidegates and Diverter Chutes provide control and isolation of gravity material flow within a screw conveying system or hopper/tank outlet.
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