Dewatering Equipment

Dewatering Equipment

Our Screwtech screw conveyors and Trommeline Screens can be utilised for washing and dewatering of food or waste product.


Below are standalone modules available in this range – click on the image to see the product information:

Iso-Grit - Classifier

The ISOGrit functions as a stand alone dewatering unit which separates out truly settleable particles from the influent, further dewatering and discharging the particles via a screw mechanism to disposal. Water and residual organics are re-channelled for further processing.

Inline Screen - Solid recovery screens 

IS200 Inline Screen will recover and dewater product from food processing lines and enabling producers to utilise this recovered material.

Gravity Screwpress - Solid Separator/ Compactors

The ISP Screw Press is designed to convey, wash, dewater and compact semi-liquid materials where residue matter is required to be removed.

Trommeline - Rotary Drums and Screen Separators

EleVayor is typically based on the ModuLine method of construction and used to elevate or lower bulk products. The EleVeyor range of conveyors has proven to be a versatile and economic alternative to custom manufactured conveyors. The EleVeyor conveyor range can be specified to suit virtually any configuration, environment or conveyed product.
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