Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular Belt Conveyors

ModuLine is a unique modular belt conveyor design incorporating a range of standard modules to form a single stand-alone conveyor or a complete conveyor system. The ModuLine conveyor range can be specified to suit virtually any configuration, environment or conveyed product.

A feature of ModuLine is its ability to be easily dismantled and reconfigured if plant layouts or production requirements change. Modular sections can be simply added or removed at any time.

The individual modules feature clip-on components minimising fasteners. This design feature also allows worn or damaged components to be readily replaced ensuring minimum downtime.

Other Moduline Equipment

Below are standalone modules available in this range – click on the image to see the product information:

Moduline - Modular Belt Conveyors

The Singuiliser is a stand-alone marshalling centre enabling multiple-laned product from a separate machine to be sorted/split and singuilised to a single lane.

Metal Detector Conveyors

Concept Solutions range of standard Moduline Metal Detector conveyors are designed to offer an extremely stable platform for the Metal Detector Search Head to be mounted to. Generally manufactured from Stainless Steel and engineered plastics, these conveyors have been developed for use in the food industry.

Livetranz - Live Driven Transfers

LiveTranz double nose bar transfer conveyors have been designed for use between conveyors that have too bigger drive and tail rollers to effectively transfer the conveyed product between conveyors; they are often used in bakeries, small goods, red meat and seafood plants for transferring smaller delicate products from one conveyor to another or between various other items or production plant.

Eleveyor - Cleated Belt Conveyors

EleVayor is typically based on the ModuLine method of construction and used to elevate or lower bulk products. The EleVeyor range of conveyors has proven to be a versatile and economic alternative to custom manufactured conveyors. The EleVeyor conveyor range can be specified to suit virtually any configuration, environment or conveyed product.

Polydrive - Small Polymer Construction Conveyors

Our Polydrive range of conveyors are best suited for short gooseneck arrangements or complete metal-free zones and provide a cost effective method of conveying over short distances.
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