Spill-Free Paddle Conveyors

PaddleTrak consists of a series of paddles, linked by a chain running within a racetrack shaped stainless steel trough. As the paddles traverse within the trough they convey or elevate loose product. The design is completely spill-free and the product is only discharged at the main discharge outlet or at designated intermediate trapdoor positions.

PaddleTrak can be installed at any angle between 0° and 60° and unlike other conveyor types, in many regards, PaddleTrak performance improves as inclination increases due to a greater product cradling effect and reduced drag between the product and trough.
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Typical PaddleTrak applications:

Frozen vegetables whole, diced, sliced
Frozen fish, chicken and red meat products
Frozen berry fruit
Potato products crisps, french fries, wedges, hash browns
Snack foods
Nuts, grains and cereals
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