Roller Conveyors

The RollaVeyor range of conveyors is comprised of several components to create an efficient Roller Conveyor System. The construction is modular, up to 3 metre long straight lengths enabling interchangability of parts plus the ability to reconfigure the layout if the layout or production requirements change.

The Hygiene Series RollaVeyor is for food processing and is suitable for full wash-down sanitary requirements, which utilises a soIid non-metallic one-piece roller.

RollaVeyor conveyors can be manufactured from Food Grade Stainless Steel, for food processing areas or alternatively in Aluminium or Mild Steel for general warehousing applications.

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Typical Conveyed Products:

Cartons, Packets, Pouches
Plastic or Polystyrene Tubs


Bolt-together modular construction
Height and angle adjustable leg assemblies
Product side guides (optional)
Gravity or driven rollers
Carton Merging/Locating
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