Sortation Systems

Sortation Systems

VergeAll - Convergers and Divergers

VergeAll is an inline conveyor module that converges and/or diverges loose product on a production line at production speeds.

Polyband - Polyurethane Band Conveyors

PolyBand Polyurethane band conveyors are available in 2mm to 25mm diameter cords and configurations including round, flat, v and double v belts. The solid, reinforced design incorporating quick release cords and belts make them ideal for hygienic applications. 

Modusort - Diverting Conveyor

ModuSort Stations enable high throughput automated carton diverting from a single transport conveyor. By integrating bar code scanning or other carton identification sensors the ModuSort can divert certain cartons to one or multiple conveyors at belt speeds of up to 50 metres/min or 60 cartons/min.

Singuliser - Itemising and Laning Modules

The Singuiliser is a stand-alone marshalling centre enabling multiple-laned product from a separate machine to be sorted/split and singuilised to a single lane.
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